Temporary Home of FuzzFM

Hey Fuzzers! As many of you know by now, Fuzz FM is going through a transitional period following the unfortunate passing of Fuzz FM founder, Desert Dan. The butterfly effect of this was the locking of many accounts linked to the Fuzz FM domain, website, music library, broadcasting account, and subsequent loss of broadcasting ability on the former FuzzFM.com website. The combination of all these, means that in many ways, the Fuzz FM infrastructure will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Shortly after Fuzz FM ceased broadcasting, we began receiving messages from you, the fuzz community, regarding the loss of your favorite online radio station. Your words of support and encouragement had a deep impact on the members of the Fuzz FM crew, and we knew we could not allow the hard work and legacy of our friend, Desert Dan, to fade into fuzz history, and re-dedicated ourselves to finding a way to continue serving the music, musicians, and community of fans that meant so much to him, and to us.

Our first goal was to get the station back online and broadcasting, even if it meant establishing a temporary broadcast site. FuzzHeavy stepped up and offered to build and host a temporary home, while plans are put into action on setting up a new, permanent home on the web.

Huge thanks to all for continuing to support Fuzz FM, the music, and the fuzz community during this period of transition! We promise to make it as brief as possible, and look forward to returning Fuzz FM to it’s previous glory – and beyond!

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