FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 4 – Disenchanter

October 18, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

On their recent tour stop in Denver, I had a chance to chat with Portland, Oregon band Disenchanter. A very cool band, and very cool people!

After their killer set at Bar Bar, they got me caught up on road life, their signing to DHU Records, playing the Doomed and Stoned festival, and what’s coming up on the horizon, once they return home.

I hope you enjoy spending some time with Disenchanter, as much as I did!

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 3 – Classic Tracks

October 17, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

On today’s show I feature a variety of classic tracks, spanning from 1968 to 2005. I didn’t set out with any strict criteria in mind, except that it had to be released no later than 2005.

For many of us, the music we love can instantly transport us to another place or time, filled with memories of specific people and events that have shaped our lives.

That’s what these tracks do for me, and the primary reason they made today’s playlist.

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 2 – Caustic Casanova

October 16, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

Today’s show features music and interviews with D.C. band Caustic Casanova. On their recent tour stop in Denver, I had a chance to chat with the band about touring, musical catharsis, influences, drumming, and their latest 7″ release in the Pantheon series.

We also have music from Denver bands Abrams and Khemmis, as well as new music from Spirit Adrift and Dead Quiet.

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 1 – Podcast Launch!

October 13, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

Well the day has finally arrived and I am stoked to be launching my new podcast, FuzzHeavy – Dedicated to the celebration and proliferation of fuzz heavy music!

Each episode will be packed with music, from the classic era to the most recently emerging artists shaping the landscape of stoner, desert, psych, heavy blues, 70’s retro, sludge, garage, grunge, space, and doom.

While this will surely be a fond trip down memory lane for some of us “old heads”, it is also meant to track the path forward into the 21st century with each new generation of fuzz creators and fans.

On a more personal level, it allows me to celebrate the music that has meant so much in my life, while discovering new music that continues to move, inspire, and amaze me…Now go fuzz yourself!