FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 12 – King Chiefs

October 30, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

Our featured artist today has fueled my love of fuzz music for a while now, so I was super stoked for a chance to catch up with King Chiefs, after a great live set at 3 Kings in Denver! If the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, it’s because they are probably better known as just “Chiefs”.

So why the name change? Well, that is one of the topics I cover with the band in our interview, along with a tour update, current lineup, and future plans. Huge thanks to the guys for taking time out to indulge this fan!

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 11 – Stoner/Desert Rock

October 27, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

Today’s show features a solid playlist full of Stoner and Desert Rock! Of all the fuzz flavors, I have a soft spot for the stoniest riffs and the sprawling desert drones.

As I was putting together the show today I noticed a strong showing from the German Stoner scene…maybe even worth dedicating an upcoming episode to digging deeper into the German Stoner Rock talent pool.

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 8 – Fresh Fuzz

October 24, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

2017 has seen a lot of great album releases so far, with more to come, I’m sure. On today’s show I wanted to spotlight some of the releases (and a pre-release), that have gotten my pulse up and my head bobbin’

Not an exhaustive list of all the awesome music to come out this year, but a small overview of what has made 2017 a great year for “Fresh Fuzz”, from both emerging and established artists.

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 7 – Swamp Ritual

October 23, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

On a recent tour stop in Denver, I got a chance to chat with Dustin and Sid from Swamp Ritual. Their set was sludgey, yet energetic, and maybe the most fun I’ve had at a sludge show!

The music kept churning, the crowd was appreciative, and I look forward to their next stop in the Mile High City.

Check out the tracks on today’s show, and if heavy bass driven fuzz is your thing, pick up their latest release, “Sunchaser”. It will not disappoint!

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 6 – Friday Free-For-All

October 20, 2017 Marcus Greybeard 0

For today’s playlist I really didn’t have anything particular in mind. But, as I was going through my big box-o-tracks, I started loading up some stuff to listen to while I worked on setting up the show.

While I listening, I kept nudging the volume higher and higher, and realized I just wanted to hear some killer tracks, with good energy, to kick start my weekend. So I figured a good “free-for-all” of tunes was the perfect way to go.

As I was finishing up, I noticed that the playlist also had a very international flavor to it, with bands from France, Greece, Germany, the UK, Finland, and Canada – with the US being represented by Austin, Boston, and my hometown of Denver. Not intentional, but an interesting sidenote, I think.

Dig it, FuzzHeads!