In Humble Gratitude…

Anybody who knows me, or has followed FuzzHeavy for any length of time, knows I do it to support the music and people I love, and not to get free shit. That’s the kind of fella I am, and that’s how I roll. But when a total badass like Dan Lorenzo (Vessel Of Light, HADES) drops a completely unexpected comment on one of your Instagram posts, asking you for your address and what size shirt you wear, you respond in humble gratitude; with the information requested and a million-and-one “thank yous”. However, this incredibly gracious gesture pales in comparison to what he gives to so many, through the power and passion of his music – because THAT’S the kind of fella HE is, and THAT’S how HE rolls!

So after today, if someone asks you what you think of the Vessel Of Light EP or who is Dan Lorenzo, and you don’t have an answer – well, that’s on you, my friend! You can’t honestly claim you’ve never heard of them, because your knowledge-base has just been updated.

Go drop Dan and his Vessel Of Light bandmate, Nathan Opposition (Ancient Wisdom) a “like” on their Facebook page, and then go check out their self-titled EP.