FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 110 – New Release Friday

April 9, 2018 Marcus Greybeard 0

Some really bad ass and interesting stuff came out this week. Definitely a heavy psych vibe running through the set, along with some killer fuzz tones. I really like the various textures and flow as well. We have 14 killer tracks from Israel, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Canada, and US.

FuzzHeavy Podcast – Episode 109 – FuzzMix IV

April 8, 2018 Marcus Greybeard 0

We got a great playlist lined up for today, packed with some older tracks that I’ve either just come across recently, or been swimming around my brain in thepast few days. We have 16 killer tracks from Slovenia, Belgium, Argentina, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and US.